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Nowadays the maintenance of the trailer’s bodywork has become more complex.

The reason for this is that trailers have become more technical complex than trailers from 30 years ago. Trucks are nowadays equipped with new technical gadgets providing the driver and cargo with more safety.

It requires a lot of craftsmanship, expertise and technical knowledge to repair and maintain trailers these days.  They have many years of experience and training.

Kennedy TTS offers:

  • Conversion of a trailer’s bodywork.
  • Construction of a new bodywork according to the requested and statutory specifications.
  • Adjustment of the superstructure and bodywork of your trailer or semi-trailer.

For further information and enquiries, please contact us. We look forward to being of service to you.


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Oct 24, 2017 388 Comments

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Mar 09, 2017 388 Comments

Trailer service specialists but quintessential all-rounders: Kennedy T.T.S. based in the port city of Ghent. Like a spider on its web’: That’s how Technical Manager Paul Zwitser characterises the advantages of being at the heart of the action. Ghent is the thirdlargest harbour in Belgium. So there’s certainly no shortage of goods traffic there. Kennedy […]

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